Mobility in Sweden

Greek and Welsh mobility in Tomelilla-Sweden

25th-27th August 2013

Greek participants: S.Gkalipis, G.Damianidis, G. Bektsis, D. Kyriakopoulos, M. Siolou, V. Parzali


Just at the start of the school year in Sweden, a Greek delegation of 6 teachers visited the Swedish school for an exchange mobility. At the same time a Welsh group of 6 teachers visited the Swedish school as well. Even though the visit was short, the experience and the impressions gained during the visit were great! In the evening of the 1st visiting day, 26th August the Swedish colleagues joined the Greek guests for dinner at a nice restaurant in Ystad, where they were accommodated during their stay.

The 2nd day, there was a very nice and interesting whole day program prepared from the host school. Both Greek and Welsh teachers visited classrooms and workshops of Lindesborgs skolan and also were invited for a very nice lunch at the school canteen. Later in the afternoon they were guided from a group of Swedish colleagues to the Swedish nature, biking with the unique rail bicycles for 5 km and at the end of the route both hosts and guests had a nice picnic under the trees of the old railway! It was actually a unique experience!!!


We would like to thank the headmistress and all the colleagues of the Swedish school for their hospitality!!! Even though the visit was short, the experience and the impressions gained during the visit were great!


Sotiris Gkalipis




During the 1st week of July, a Greek delegation of 4 teachers visited the Welsh and English partner schools in Llandudno and Liverpool, practicing a teacher’s exchange mobility. It was a very nice experience for the Greek teachers who visited classes, discussed with teachers and took part in activities in both hosting schools.

The visiting teachers also had some cultural visits and explored interesting places at the surrounding areas of the hosting schools in Llandudno and Liverpool.

Kolin 2013

Comenius - Multilateral partnership

6th International meeting

Venue: Primary school Kolín II, Bezručova 980, Kolín 280 02, Czech Republic

Dates : 26th May - 30th May 2013


Scrutinising my little twenty demanding tourists, it was more than obvious to note the successful outcome of our exchange in Czechoslovakia.

The caring and tiredless presence of our two angel guides, Petra And Alena started our week abroad in an unforgettable way.


Tuesday gave the spinning off to our project , the whole day was spent at school thus giving us the opportunity to be fully immersed in a different culture. The Italian students first gave an enjoyable presentation of Italy, then late were accompanied around the school premises and finally they enjoyed their lunch at the school canteen. What rendered the day unique, was the dogball game enjoyed by the two teams which soon gave rise to a better socialising drive between the pupils..Logically this was all thanks to our HOSTESSES who did their best to achieve these fantastic results..Before lunch we had the pleasure to go to a Keep fit centre where the use of the swimming pool and hydromassage calmed our spirits down.


A sightseeing tour in Prague was organized for us on Wednesday, though our hosts could not guarantee and organize good weather conditions, I must say that we were lucky enough to have that too ! We visited the magnificent tower of. Powder from which we could enjoy a breathtaking view of the city , the labyrinth with its numerous mirrors, enjoying a wetty walk around the city to reach the famous gilted astronomical clock, St.vito and St.Barbara and last but not least we popped in the city shopping centre to do our shopping and logically purchase a souvenir or two to take back home. Our hostesses Petra and Alena thought of everything to render the day as pleasant as possible.


We spent Thursday to exchange information regarding Italian cultural events and also our typical Italian cuisine.We ended up with spaghetti with tomato sauce competing with the Czech strudel to sweeten any mouthwatering meal.


An adventurous visit to the old silver mine of Kutna was awiting the group. It was a real sight to see all these tiny pupils heading their way through these crooked tunnels each wearing a professional protective helmet on their heads and a torch in their hands to guide their way. It was simply thrilling and mysterious to go down 35 metres below ground level !!!

From the mine to the steam train. Alas!!! weather permitting we were supposed to go to a Nature Park where the pupils could have been challenged doing Archery and outdoor activities, but this was not possible because Mr. Weather decided otherwise.


Friday was our final day, wakeup call was at dawn since we had to go back home. We were dead tired but extremely satisfied with our well planned exchange.


A big thank you for Our HOST SCHOOL in KOLIN for rendering this cultural exchange unforgettable, which will surely be cherished by each and every student and will remain well engraved in their hearts for the rest of their lives. To Petra and Alena goes our deep gratitude for their perfect organization, hospitality and extreme patience in every instance of our stay. We hope that this newfound friendship will continue in future years.













Best regards,

All the 5th class students, Roberta, Mimma, Rosi and Marina

Italy 2013

Comenius - Multilateral partnership

5th International meeting

Venue: Primary school, Via Martiri Piazza Loggia 12, Castelcovati, Italy

Dates : 13th May - 17th May 2013

Mobility description: Representatives from Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic participated in the 5th international meeting in Italy. They could gain information about school practice as well as school facilities and equipment. Each representative worked with a group of pupils in classrooms. They presented their country, school system, important places in Italy, regional legends etc. Part of the program was dedicated to pronouncing of the most important words of particular languages, and games. Slovak students prepared musical, dancing and martial arts performances. Moreover they taught the Italian students how to make a pendant.

In return, Italian children presented their program full of interesting information about important places of Italy. They presented it through a game using typical tools and facts typical for a particular place in Italy. Later on we visited places such as Chiari, Sirmione, Soncino and Verona. All excursions were made with an English guide.

In addition, we had a chance to taste typical Italian cuisine in local restaurants as well as in school canteen. Children were accommodated in Italian families. They went to school together with Italian children and spend their free time. Hosting families were fantastic and made us feel at home.

Our great thank for the perfect program and warm welcoming from all teachers and parents.



                                                                            CZ team