Meeting in Great Britain

Comenius - Multilateral partnership

8th International meeting

Venue: : Primary school, Widnes, Velká Británie

               Primary school, Llandudno, Wales, Velká Británie

Dates : 7th October – 11th October 2013

   Mobility description: This year we started the regular visits within Comenius project by a trip to Great Britain. We were invited by one basic school in Widnes, England and one in Llandudno, Wales. From my point of view the management of meeting was perfect. Not only we were wholeheartedly welcomed by the staff and children, but there was also taken a good care of us. We had a great chance to find out about atmosphere in partnership schools – ways of teaching, traditions and customs, as well as test our communication skills in English. We could compare our school systems and share our ideas and experiences in teaching. Again, we could taste typical English school meals in canteens, which was a great experience. We were showed round by several generous pupils. Others prepared a welcome programme in both schools showing the studentstalents in singing or playing instruments. Moreover, both schools had presentations about each of partnership countries. Teachers from each state co-worked with English pupils in given tasks. Czech teachers of course talked mainly about the Czech Republic. English kids had a lot of questions and were really communicative.

On one of the common meetings we discussed future tasks such as events diary, questioners, web pages, sport activities, project on “food and sport in arts”, and communication among pupils. More details were spent on planning the meetings in Sweden, Turkey, and final Olympic games in Greece. In the rest of the time we visited historical points of interest such as King Edward I. Castle in Conwy. We sighted port city Liverpool, beautiful small town Chester and seaport Llandudno. In the evenings we had a lot of fun with our English friends. In overall, we had a great time and brought home lots of great impressions. Not only we explored another piece of the world but also we made new friends.

We thank a lot to all teachers and pupils from Great Britain for their effort to make us feel at home.

The Greeks in Kolin

The Greeks in Kolin – Czech Rebublic

From the 24th to the 28th of September 2013 two teachers along with three students of the 4th primary School of Edessa, Greece, and also with students from Poland visited the collaborating school of Kolin in the Czech Republic.

Apart from the common activities on the premises of the school, they had the chance to go sightseeing through Kolin, to visit Prague, to walk along the banks of the River Elbe to the beautiful “Prodebrady” and finally to be shown round the silver mine in “Kutna Hora”.

The hospitability offered by the Czechs was excellent and they left the country with the best impressions.

Visit in Czech

Visit in Czech


On 24th -28th September 2013 the primary school in Kolin invited pupils and teachers from Poland and Greece to visit that institution. 2 teachers and 3 pupils arrived from Greece.

Two teachers represented Paszkowka school : Marta Wolińska and Barbara Dutka.

Six pupils from Poland also visited school in Kolin.    

  • Klaudia Kucharczyk 5th grade
  • Agnieszka Babska 5th grade
  • Jakub Bolek 5th grade
  • Jakub Lechowicz 5th grade
  • Jolanta Kowalczyk 6th grade
  • Aleksander Turaj 6th grade

The aim of the meeting was to be acquainted with pupils and teachers, also assimilating was the purpose of the visit of our pupils with peers from Greece and the Czech Republic.

Pupils with the great enthusiasm and the commitment participated in lessons of mathematics, classes in ceramics and the decoration of ornaments of the gingerbread cake. On the first day of stay in the Czech Republic, hosts took care of the health of their arrived guests and took everyone to the swimming pool, where colourful slides enjoyed the greatest interest.

In the afternoon everyone went for the five-kilometre walk to the nearby spa town - Podebrady in which the castle and the beautiful fountain are located. Kolin is situated near the Prague, therefore our host partner organised the trip around this unusual capital city. Next day everyone visited another beautiful city –Kutna Hora, that place is on the List of the World Cultural UNESCO . In this town there is also a silver mine . Pupils and teachers were really surprised during the touring. A dress which everyone had to put on, enjoyed the great interest. Ossuarium with the chapel of the spacious monastic graveyard was the last item of the programme.

Our pupils got to know the customs and the way of living in the Czech friends..

They were hosted very warmly, surrounded with the unusual care and the hospitality

Thank you for the teachers Petra and Elena who took care of everyone and everything .