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3rd International meeting

Venue: hosting school – 1st. Basic school in Kolín, the Czech Republic.

Date: 17.2. – 22.2. 2013

Participants: Pupils from the 4th to 9th class provided accommodation to the guests from Slovakia and Turkey. Czech hosting kids: Michael Pilch, Miriam Majerníková, Tereza Kiššová, Natálie Krupková, Anna Slavíková, Aneta Skolilová, Eliška Chmelová, Blažena Poláková, Tereza Kredbová, Le Thi Thu Thuy, Jakub Hynčica, Miloš Dusil, Veronika Puchnerová, Veronika Černovská, Tereza Lasíková, Simona Jamborová, Anna Čeřovská, Kateřina Růžičková, Michaela Hnidová, Pavel Mandlík

Description: Representatives from the Slovak and Turkish partnering schools took part at the 3rd international meeting in the Czech Republic. Our guests could experience teaching process at our school. Together we could share information about our countries and schools, common art and healthy lifestyles projects, or even try typical Slovak or Turkish cuisine.

            One afternoon was dedicated to musical competition. The winner was Jiří Gač and his performance was filmed. It will represent our school in Spain – April 2013, in the international competition. Of course we did a lot of sport activities in the name of healthy life style. There were 5 international teams which played basketball. Moreover, we spent one fantastic day skiing in Rejdice which was a great fun for Turkish kids. In Harrachov we visited local glass factory and later we went to see ski jumps.

            In order to get to know local area of Kolin, we took our guests for sightseeing – bell tower and other. They also enjoyed visiting Prague.

Most importantly, living in Czech families gave our guests the best idea of the way of living in the Czech Republic. During the whole stay, hosting families took a good care of them. They organized many activities for them. In return, they could practice their English through conversations. We hope that there were friendships made for lifetime. We are thankful to our students as well as their parents for a great support.

Poland 2012


Multilaterální projekt Comenius

2nd international meeting

Venue: Szkola Podstawowa im. Antoniego Kucharczyka, Paszkówka, Poland

Date: December 9 -12, 2012

Participants: Pupils from 8th class - Lukáš Marvan, Klára Průšková, Kateřina Růžičková, Michaela Hnidová

Teaching staff: Bc. Petra Brzáková, Mgr. Alena Svobodová

Mobility description: Representatives from all partnership countries, except Spain and Turkey, participated in the international meeting in Poland. The aim of the meeting was to discuss future activities of the project, as well as familiarization with work of the local school. Each state prepared and presented activities which were related to the healthy style such as dancing, cooking and tasting culinary specialties of particular countries. The Czech children taught local pupils Christmas songs, rhymes, fairy tales. Moreover, they presented our school and the Czech Republic.

Part of the meeting was dedicated to the knowledge-based developing through the visits of the local interesting sights such as salt mines in Wieliczke. Here pupils had to walk a 3, 5 km long route which includes tour of historical and mythical statues made of rock salt, and the centre of Krakow –former capital of Poland. Moreover, they could see the Wawel hill on the left bank of the river Wisla. At this spot is located a royal castle from the 10th century and the Saint Stanislaus church. The castle used to be a monarch residence for over 100 years. The cathedral used to be the place of coronation of the new rulers. Next, children could visit an interactive museum which presented the Krakow development. Meanwhile, teachers saw the very sad area of the former concentration camp in Oswiecim.

Our children were accommodated in families of Polish pupils who accompanied them throughout the whole stay. All together participated in classes or had lunch in the schools canteen. The hosting families spent their entire time to make our pupils feel at home. They also prepared a sport event – ice skating.

We thank greatly for the program as well for the hospitality of all teachers and parents!

Meeting in Bratislava - October 2012

Last week, from October 13th – October 21st, 2012, representatives of 9 countries participating in Comenius multilateral school partnership project, hold an international working meeting at the Secondary woodcraft school in the capital of Slovakia -Bratislava. There were school directors, teachers, as well as pupils from Greece, Poland, Turkey, Wales, England, Spain, Italy, Sweden, and the Czech Republic.

            Some of the guests had arrived during the weekend prior to the meeting. The rest arrived either on Monday or Tuesday afternoon. The Czech Republic team along with Spain brought 6 pupils who were accommodated in the Slovak hosting families. There were awaited by the families of teachers and pupils already upon their arrival at the main station in Bratislava. It was a very emotional and unforgettable experience for them. The initial embarrassment was shortly replaced by fervour and eagerness to work together.

On Tuesday 16th, the morning started with a rainy weather. There was a guided tour of the historical centre of Bratislava in English language on program for us. At about 11 a.m., we were warmly welcomed by the Mayor of Bratislava - Milan Ftáčnik in Primate’s Palace. He himself, informed us in English about the history of the capital. After refreshment, we could tour the Primate’s Palace. Next, our bus took us to Slavín, which is a memorial monument and military cemetery of thousands of Soviet Army soldiers who fell during World War II. This followed a nice walk through area of the Bratislava’s castle. The day ended with an excellent dinner accompanied by folk band in the parliamentary restaurant with an outstanding view of enlightened Bratislava.

            Wednesday’s program had a lot of sport activities, partly because our project has a “healthy life style” in its title. We visited a sport center were women could do yoga, men could go to fitness studio and children could also have a lot of fun during extra training. After some time, we all exercised together. Of course, we all spoke English only. Later, we went to visit our hosting school. We were showed round and then we shared our presentations. It was a great opportunity to learn more about each participating country. After the presentations we worked together on choosing the right logo for our common project. The Turkish logo, designed by Turkish pupils, was accepted unanimously. While pupils worked on posters presenting their own countries, teachers and directors went on with discussions about the look of web pages of the common project. In addition, they discussed the future working meetings and other common activities.

            We were all looking forward to Thursday because there was an excursion planned to the schools’ workrooms. We could see works of hosting pupils on displays as well as test our own patience and skillfulness in 3 workrooms. For instance, we could try to restore and renovate objects or model from clay. We all managed to make our own wooden pendant as a small memento. Again, all explanations and communication was in English. After that we went to the most known and most important castle in Slovakia – Devín.

On Friday, we went to the capital of Austria – Vienna. We were blessed by the beautiful sunny weather, therefore; we could enjoy visiting places such as baroque Palace of Belverde, Austrian Parliament building, Saint Steve’s gothic cathedral, Astronomical clock, or Hofburg – center of the Habsburg empire. Very interesting was to see tomb of the Habsburgs’ dynasty or Augustinian Church which is the wedding place of the Habsburgs. Through all places we were accompanied by an English speaking guide. In the afternoon the Czech and Swedish teams had to say good bye. The rest could spend an extra evening in Bratislava.

Throughout this varied and original program we all broaden our horizons in geography, history, and getting to know a lot about the way of living in Slovakia. We are all grateful for communication in English which has certainly improved during the stay. Our big “Thank you” goes to the organizers of this event. We are looking forward to our next cooperation.

Czech team.