Greek mobility 2

Castelcovati - Italy

On the 9th of May 2013 a Greek team of 3 teachers Sotiris Gkalipis, Giannis Bektsis and Vaso Parzali, visited the Italian school and Castelcovati for a short Comenius exchange mobility! The welcome from the headmistress, from Simonetta and the Italian colleagues and also from the pupils of the school was very warm. It was really a wonderful and interesting visit! Many thank to Simonetta, to Roberta-who prepared the homemade snacks and to rest Italian colleagues and  pupils for singing the Italian winner song for us!



Greek team

Greek mobility 1

Izmir - Turkey

Between the 24 and 26 of March 2013, Sotiris Gkalipis, from the Greek school, visited the Turkish partner school in Izmir. There was a very warm welcome from the headmaster, from Sema, the coordinator and from the teaching staff of the Turkish school. The visiting teacher was guided from Sema to many classrooms of the Turkish school, met and talked with many teachers during the visits and was invited from the headmaster and Sema for lunch and dinner, exploring also the surroundings of Karsiyaka in Izmir-the area of the Turkish partner school. The visiting teacher departed from Izmir full of nice memories and new experiences.


Greek team

Vigo 2013

Comenius - Multilateral partnership

4th international meeting

Venue: Primary school, Gran Vía 164, Vigo, Spain

Date: 22. 4. – 26.4 2013.

Participants: Pupils of the 6th and 7th class - Aneta Skolilová, Kateřina Bulíčková, Nikol Hudcová, Tereza Kredbová, Martin Chocholouš, Adam Trnka.

Supervisors: Bc. Petra Brzáková, Mgr. Alena Svobodová.

Mobility description: Representatives of all ten partnership schools participated in an international meeting in Spain. The purpose was to assess and compare activities of individual schools as well as discus future projects – dates, venues etc.

Our pupils had a great opportunity to collect information from an English speaking guide about local cultural places of interest such as Mountain O Castro with a beautiful view of the bay in Vigo. One day was dedicated to the visit of autonomous community of the capital Galicia – Santiago de Compostela. This place is one of the most important pilgrimages of Europe since the middle ages until today. Along with Prague it was considered cultural capital of Europe in 2000. In the 9th century there were found remains of Saint James Senior – one the 12 apostles. In Spanish he is called Santiago.

            Czech children were accommodated in Spanish families. Together with the Spanish children they attended local school as well as spent their spare time with them. The hosting families provides them with excellent care for which we thank very much. Thanks also for the prepared program and hospitality from all teaching staff and parents.



CZ team





3rd Comenius Project Meeting


Date: 17-22 February 2013-03-12

   We have been to Kolin, Czech Republic with 14 students and 3 teachers as Turkish team. Our students stayed with host was very efficient and enjoyable meeting. Turkish team and Slovakian team –with students - participated in this meeting.

     On Monday we were at school with other participants.ln the morning ,we met the staff.The students gave presentation about their school,country and city. They took part in lessons. Turkish team and Slovakian team cooked their healthy and traditional food.

They were served at luch time.In the afternoon,we went to city centre.We visited old town and Tower of Kolin.

     On Tuesday,we have been to mountains. We went to Harrachov.Some students took

ski lesson and some students went to skiing.They enjoyed themselves.On the way,we visited Glasswork factory.

   On Wednesday, Our students,Czech students and Slovakian students performed music show in the school hall. Czech students competed with each other and they

were voted by the juri.In the aftenoon,students played basketball in mixed teams.


   On Thursday, we went to Prague. We saw lots of historical places there.

As Turkish team,we liked Czech partners and Slovakian partners very much.

The host school did its best. I want to thank them once more.

Sema   Polat